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Hi and thanks for stopping by. Normally the about us page of a website is the part where we are supposed to boost and brag about awards, certifications and such. We are going to save you all that and get to the meat of why you are here.

As a web design and marketing agency, we are left with the responsibility to provide our clients with the one thing that can make or break their business. We take this responsibility very seriously and am humbled by your trust in us to work with you.

My name is Richelle Anderson; I am the founder and owner of Lighthouse Web Design & Marketing. In 2007 I saw a great need in the area for a small business advocate that could provide the services small businesses needed at a reasonable cost. We started as a web design and online marketing company, as the needs of small businesses grew online, we added search engine optimization and social media marketing and management to our list of services.

What to Expect

When you reach out to us, we will first go through an interview process. This is of course so we can assess your needs and goals, but this also gives you the opportunity to make sure we are a good fit for your organization. Since we work together on your project, we will get to be great friends.

Depending on the services we provide for your company we will stay in touch while we are working on your project. We offer shared files, weekly or monthly updates, and project checklists that allow you to stay on top of the project as much or as little as you wish.

Where we came up with the name?

A lot of companies have used a lighthouse in their name and as a logo. We have a story behind it. When I was little, my grandmother would tell me a story about a seaman and his love that would wait for him to return. She would stand at the highest cliff with her dress flowing in the ocean breeze. She was his beacon home. Little did I know that it was a made up story about the Little Boy Blue and Pinky paintings that were hanging above the bed in the guest room I slept in. If you don’t know the story about these two paintings, it is an interesting read.

All of that is romantic and all and has little to do with small business and the web. Well not really…

It seems that small business owners are awesome at what they know, their business. However, when it comes to websites, how one website ranks over another (SEO), social media, email marketing, etc. they rely on others. As a company, we are their beacon on the rocky seas of understanding the online marketing world. We guide them to online success.

Don’t let all that scare you; we are happy to share how we do what we do if you want to know. If you don’t, that is okay too. We want to fill the need in your company how you need us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?
Anything and everything that has to do with your business online. At Lighthouse you can work with one company rather than multiple companies towards your online goals. The Lighthouse team and our partners provide you with a wide skill base. Don’t worry; you will not be shuffled around from person to person. You will deal with Richelle or Ashley who manages your account. We do a lot of the work but when we use our partners, they are working for us, and we are working for you.
Our proven method, allows us to offer our clients many services with a unified effort. What does that mean for you? IT WORKS!
How much do you charge?
Depends… That was easy enough and didn’t answer your question. But it is true. There are many factors that go into a website, a marketing campaign based on strategy, and social media management. We won’t know the answer until we have a consultation and I have a better idea of what you want to achieve with the website or marketing campaign.
The marketing management is a little easier to answer. Once ads, and graphics, are all setup we charge no more than a 20% management fee based on the amount of the advertising budget. To keep it simple, you spend $1,000 a month we charge $200 to manage it giving you a total of $1,200 total out of pocket. As additional graphics, landing pages, and ads are done throughout the campaign, these would be absorbed to a point.
Who do you work with?
Many of our clients are looking to generate more leads and sales from the internet both in a specific local area or nationwide. If this fits your needs, we may be a great fit for one another. Let’s setup a time to have a brief conversation and go over your goals to see how we can help guide your business to online success.

We have worked with Lighthouse since 2010 when they designed our landscaping website. It didn’t take long for us to get to the top of page one for our primary keywords. Over the time we have worked with them they have proven to be timely... with updates and have great ideas on how to market our business.read more
Jason Tubb
Jason Tubb
Easy to work with.
Matt Duncan
Matt Duncan
We were looking for a company to rebuild our outdated website when we found Lighthouse Web Design & Marketing. I am so glad we did! Richelle met with us right away! She presented ideas and obtained information from us and went right to... work on a new design for our business. We are so pleased with the outcome and look forward to an ongoing business relationship with her and her team.read more
Richelle was wonderful. Our company website was hacked and pulling up very inappropriate things. She fixed it without any hesitation and got it done very quickly. We highly recommend Lighthouse Web Design & Marketing.
Amber Rung
Amber Rung
We have been very impressed with the results already with less than 30 days into our agreement. Richelle has captured the concept of my industry quickly allowing her to pinpoint my market audience. Very glad she is apart of our team!
Absolute Cleaning & Restoration LLC
Absolute Cleaning & Restoration LLC
Mark Chumbley
Mark Chumbley
Gumtree Gutters
Gumtree Gutters

Memberships and Organizations

Company News

oklahoma city

In May 2020 Lighthouse Web Designs, LLC relocated its primary office to Oklahoma City, OK. The company was founded in Tupelo, MS in 2007 where it built a strong customer base not only in the North Mississippi area but throughout the United States.  

social media marketing society

Last year we made the decision to join Social Media Marketing Society. We had checked out a few places that offer similar training, support, and collaboration and decided that Social Media Society was the best fit for us.

Tracking every step of a visitors process is key to learning not only where they came from but what path they took to get to a conversion. This month we learned more about how to optimize analytics to track everything.

Richelle Anderson

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Since 2006, the Lighthouse web design and marketing team has been creating custom websites and strategic marketing strategies. Each marketing campaign is built around the goals and needs of our clients and backed by solid marketing strategy.

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Guiding Business to Online Success

It is more than a catchy slogan. Often business owners are lost when it comes to using the available online tools and networks strategically to grow their business. We study and stay on top of these outlets to provide effective design and marketing services to get their phone ringing and door swinging.

When you work with Lighthouse, you can be confident that you are partnering with the right marketing agency.