Search Engine Optimization

How your business and website appear in search can make or break your business. We share tips and up-to-date recommendations to getting ranked in the major search engines to not only increase your business’s visibility but phone calls and traffic to your location.

  • Should I work with a marketing or seo agency

    As a small business you are getting calls and emails daily saying you should work with a marketing or seo agency. Here are some tips to check them out and know if they are a good fit for your company.

    local search for small business

    How does your business appear when people search for services or products in their area. We share tips and insight into what local search is and what to focus on to improve your local search rankings.

    small business owner name change

    November 13, 2018

    Changing your business name seems like a simple decision. However, there are crucial steps that must be done or you lose out on leads and visits online. Not to mention, confuse your customers. We provide 6 steps to change your business name to prevent that from happening.

    SEO Internal Links

    February 24, 2018

    Internal links are a key factor in search engine optimization but are also a benefit to your website visitors. These links point to other areas of your website and are a key part of search engine optimization. Let’s break down these links so you use them effectively.

    google tools for small businesses

    February 18, 2018

    Google provides many tools that can be used to see how you are doing in search and your other online marketing efforts. We dive into the tools and options you should have to keep a good eye on your website.

    paid search google bing

    February 18, 2018

    The other side of Google search is advertising. Google will list your website, location, or products for a fee in the search results.We visit paid search options and tips.

    google search strategy guide

    February 18, 2018

    Google searches are the core to a business’s success. Search engine optimization can seem more like magic to many business owners. Let’s look behind the curtain and expose the key things you should know whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a search engine optimization expert.

    SEO converts more visitors

    August 23, 2017

    The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to improve the visibility of your website and attract visitors, without having to pay for every click. When done correctly, SEO is much more than that. With SEO, you can improve website conversions. Capitalizing on what search engines are looking for with value-based usability and quality authoritative content, you can be successful.

    What is an SEO Audit

    An SEO Audit provides an extensive look at how to get your business to rank in search engines. Whether you are trying to rank locally or nationally an audit gives a good roadmap to what needs to be done to improve rankings for your business.

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