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Website Design

Website Design is more than just text and images on a page. Since your website is the foundation of everything you do online it is imperative that you include all of the elements needed to reach and make your visitor act. We share hosting, security tips, and more to help keep your website effective and healthy.

Before you start to update your website, evaluate whether it has a goal-oriented website design. Many websites today are pretty, templates that don’t cater to the company’s needs and goals. Therefore, they fail.

What to write on company about us page

The “About Us” page is the most visited page of your website. Knowing what to include, tone to use, and approach making it easy to reach and convert more of your website visitors into clients and customers. We share a few tips to help overcome writer’s block and express your company’s message in an effective way.

Does your website need an SSL

Two years after Google’s announcement about SSL’s as a ranking factor in search had many website owners scrambling to implement website security on their website. In our post, we cover what SSL Certificates are, why they are needed and should you even worry about them.

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