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New Marketing Trends for 2019

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marketing trends 2019

Last Modified: February 9, 2019

Note: This post will be updated annually with new insight

The age of the internet has redefined many facets of doing business in today’s marketplace. Marketing is no longer defined by solid, unchanging processes that work in a timeless nature. Today, marketing trends change quickly – faster than most businesses can keep up with. The difference between businesses that succeed and businesses that fail is not based on business acumen alone: it is based on the ability of the business to track trends in their market and stay on the forefront of these trends in all aspects of their business.

What is the most basic marketing reality that businesses need to respond to?

In years past, businesses were able to escort a customer through the sales process. They could answer questions as they came up, and catch/prevent confusion or distraction in the buying process the moment it occurred. Not anymore. When a company has a website for their business, the customer has generally completed 80% of the purchase process before the company gets to have a conversation with them. Businesses need to accept the reality of this new buying cycle and change their website and their marketing approach to better serve the customer given this new reality.

Read on to get yourself up to speed on how to best serve your customer by adapting your marketing strategy to reflect 2019 marketing trends.

5 Important Trends in the 2019 Marketplace

1. Reviews will matter more than ever.

In the past, company perception was heavily influenced by advertising. In 2019, we see companies focusing their efforts away from ads and devoting increasing resources to authority and reputation management. Customers are looking for personal stories that endorse a product or build brand authority when deciding which brand to purchase.

2. Out-of-the-box thinking will be required for success.

If companies want to stand out from the crowd, it is crucial that they leave their canned marketing plan behind and instead strive to incorporate out-of-the-box ideas into their marketing strategy. Going against the grain is a good thing in 2019, you want your message to stand out to your potential customers and get noticed.

3. Companies that give their employees and staff a voice will win.

This is a trend you can’t afford to ignore. An American Psychological Association survey found that feeling valued at work increased employee performance and well-being, and reduced employee turnover. A whopping 93% of surveyed employees reported that feeling valued motivated them to do their best work, vs. only 33% of employees who did not feel valued. Sadly, one in five (21%) of working Americans stated they did not feel valued by their employers.

Companies that allow their staff to have a voice and value their input will reap rewards in the form of higher work output, lower turnover, and increased sales.

4. Businesses need to open the gates of communication.

It isn’t about how the business prefers to communicate with its customers, it is about how the customer wants to communicate with the business. Open more opportunities for customer interaction such as Chat, SMS, email, phone calls, and video conferencing.

5. Automation kills customer service

In some ways, automation is great. If we have a quick question we need to be answered it is nice to click on a prepared link and get an answer. However, many companies have taken automation too far. When they do this, they miss the opportunity to make personal contact with a potential customer earlier in the sales process. And we all know that once you have a personal relationship with a potential customer, the odds of that person buying your product or service go way up.

The key to being successful in the 2019 marketplace is to EMBRACE these trends! Be at the forefront of adjusting your marketing strategy and customer experience to capitalize on these new trends, and your efforts will be rewarded with increased sales and company success.

My recommendation? Sit down with your valued management team, show them these trends, listen to the great ideas they have, and empower them to make changes to get your company to the forefront of its industry!


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