What is Reputation Management?

Your company’s reputation can be damaged by negative, false information about the company itself, but also about any employees, management staff, or related companies. Social media allows this “news” to spread fast.

November 23rd, 2016
Last Modified: November 14, 2019

As any Internet user knows, news spreads fast online. Between Facebook, Twitter, and various news sites, breaking news reaches vast numbers of people within minutes of it happening. And there is nothing that spreads faster from person to person and site to site than bad news. Sadly, people rarely bother to fact check what they hear if it sounds interesting or exciting. Social media junkies are quick to pass along scandalous stories to their friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances. Who, of course, continue the chain. Before you know it, no one knows where or how the rumor started, but since everyone knows, it must be true.

Your company’s reputation can be damaged by negative, false information about the company itself, but also about any employees, management staff, or related companies. Sometimes these false stories are started by competitors using dirty tactics, sometimes by disgruntled employees, current or former, and others by unhappy customers. This is where reputation management comes into play. A reputation manager keeps a constant eye out for anything that pops up on the Internet that is patently false, misleading, or negative in relation to your company. This can include negative blog posts, tagged comments, articles, news blurbs, or memes. If any negative news is found, the information is countered by getting the false information retracted, corrected, or replaced by more positive, factual information. Ideally, the new information or news is marketed so that it overwhelms any traces of the previous bad information.

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Reputation management services are backed by experience in search engine optimization and social media marketing since many of the same techniques are used to spread reputation saving information through blogging, social media sites, press releases, and articles. New, positive, and relevant information can be spread quickly through the Internet to reverse the damaging effects of false rumors.

Reputation ManagementThese days reputations can be gained and lost within the span of just one day. The general population loves to gossip, so shocking information is more exciting to spread. With a careful eye and diligent monitoring of your online reputation, a reputation management service can halt the start of a slander campaign before it can get off the ground and do any serious damage to your company’s reputation. You should also be proactive by regularly sharing good, interesting, or positive information about your company though you social media sites, blogs, press releases, and articles.

The better your reputation is the more likely it is that sooner or later, it will come under attack by someone. A sneak attack on your otherwise spotless reputation can come out of nowhere with no warning for you to prepare for it. Part of countering a direct hit to your online reputation includes figuring out where bad reputation attack came from to begin with, so that it can be more efficiently countered. In addition to helping prepare a counter-strategy for repairing your online reputation, if it can be proved that a specific individual or business entity was creating false rumors that are easily disproved; you may want to consider taking appropriate legal action, including violations of trademarks, copy write, use of business name, liable/slander cases, a cease and desist order, and other legal suits. Consult your attorney for what steps you need to take in the legal world.

Contact us today for more information on what can be done before, during, and after an attack on your online reputation and how a reputation management service can help.

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