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Photography Services We Provide

A good headshot is often a vital part of a business’s presence. We use our picture on our website to ease customers, so they feel more connected to the person they are speaking with, on social media, business cards, and other mediums.

Since we work in this part daily, we find that bad images on a website do impact the chances of getting a call or converting that potential customer into a lead.

I love web design and online marketing, but my second love is photography and making people look their best. I have been shooting since I was a kid but trained, learned the craft, and have been shooting people professionally for over ten years.

My goal is to make you look your best like you have slept well for the last couple of months. Our pricing is super competitive, and we offer “packages” based on your needs. Depending on how many poses, clothing choices, etc. will depend on your pricing.

Common Questions

Do you work with groups?
Yes, for individual poses our session will be at the studio. When we get your group together, the best backdrop is your business for these types of shots. Again, dependent on your needs.
How can I use the finished images?
You will receive your images in a digital format both high-resolution (for print) and low-resolution (for the web) – you own them and use them as you wish. As far as editing, applying filters, I prefer you not do this. If you want a look get with me and let’s create it, so you like it just as it is 😊
Do you offer makeup?
For the ladies, yes, and we highly recommend it. There is an extra fee, but the finished result makes it all worth it. For the guys, we like you just as you are but may apply a little, so you look your best. Don’t worry; Bruce Willis has to do this for his shots too. Otherwise, the flash causes a huge white spot on his forehead.
What do you mean by retouching?
Don’t worry we aren’t trying to make you look like a super model but we do apply some retouching to the picture. We will discuss this a bit when we plan your session, so I don’t take too much away.
How long is a session?
Depending on you. I want to offer you the choice of 3 – 4 different poses minimum. We will keep going until we have it. Most sessions are 20 - 30 minutes.
Do you offer extracted images?
Yes. When we are planning your session, one question I will ask is how you plan to use the images. We can provide an extracted image as one of your retouched images.
Where are you located?
The studio is located at the furniture market. That place is huge, but we are fairly close to the entrance. Want to drop by? Sorry, I am only there by appointment.
Is there a session fee?
Yes, when we discuss your needs, I will wrap this into the package you choose.
So you offer packages?
I hate the term as I don’t want to put anyone in a box, but some people just can’t function without them. Your “package” will be developed based on your needs.
How is pricing determined?
How many poses do you want?
If you require prints
Make-up artist
The number of clothing changes you require – super business, business casual. We go up to 3 different clothing changes.
How many are in the group that will need individual shots
Do you offer prints?
Yes. We can discuss your needs but we work with professional printers, so we have many options.
What other photography services do you offer?
Product Photography If you make or manufacture a product, it is vital that it looks awesome on your website or another medium. We can do lifestyle (in-use), or high-key (white everywhere).
Pets Anyone that knows me at all knows I have a soft spot for our little companions. Dogs, cats, ferrets, snakes, etc. We have even shot a cow before, but the furniture market might frown if you showed up with one… I can meet you at your place 😊
What backdrops are available?
We have many to choose from and will depend on your clothing choice.
We offer white to give a high-key look. White and black are good backgrounds if you need a transparent image.
We also offer traditional backgrounds blues, browns, gray, etc.
Do you have a place to change?
Yes. The studio is very private, and we have a place in the back where you can change.

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