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Osage County Sheriff

Posted on: January 30th, 2019 by: Richelle Anderson  Categories: Project -

sheriff department website design


CLIENT: The Osage County Sheriff’s Office, located in Osage County, Oklahoma

ISSUE: The Osage County Sheriff’s Office had a non-responsive website, despite paying high hosting and maintenance fees. The content on their website was outdated and did not contain information that was helpful to the community. The sheriff’s office was fielding a high number of calls from community members looking for information that was not available to them on the website.


Our first task was to work with the department to create a new look for their website that was user-friendly while also satisfying departmental needs. Important goals for the new website were to:

  1. Reduce phone calls coming into the department from users unable to find the information they need on the website, and
  2. Provide an easy way for the community to stay informed about crime and other issues that affect their area.

To do this, we added these sections:

Most Wanted  – A page on which the department can post mugshots and information about people they are looking for in relation to a crime.

Booking Reports – A page where the department can post statistics such as when a person was taken into custody as well as when they were released. This information not only gives the community information about arrests in their county but also reduces the number of phone calls coming into the sheriff’s office, allowing them to focus their efforts on serving the community.

Sheriff’s Sales – This portion of the website helps inform the community of any items the sheriff’s office has for sale. We created an item listing that uses automation to keep the sale list immediately up to date as items are added and sold.

Jail Information – Detailed information and instructions for visiting inmates are posted so that visitors can look up rules and procedures prior to visiting inmates.

Press Rekease Section Too keep the public better informed, the sheriff’s office has the ability to log in and add press releases to the website.


Mobile Device Access Knowing that 80-90% of website visitors use a mobile device to access the website, we made sure that the new website utilizes a responsive design that is optimized for mobile devices to ensure a positive user experience.

Logo & Image To increase community awareness of the sheriff department and create an easily recognized identity, we created a logo from the sheriff’s department badge. We also added a header background photo containing an image of a buffalo on the plains, a beautiful representation of the Osage County area.

We will continue to work with the Osage County Sheriff’s website to add features that will make it easier for them to communicate with the community it serves.

As you can see, a website redesign not only created a more informed community but also freed up time and money for the Osage County Sheriff employees to redirect towards other areas which needed attention. Contact the web design experts at Lighthouse Web Designs today for a free consultation to discuss your website needs.

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