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Social Media Management and Consulting

Reach your Target Audience Like Never Before

Achieve your Goals by Reaching Specific Social Audiences

Work Smarter not Harder by using specific audiences on Social Media. We work with you to narrow down who your customer is and what matters to them. We then create audiences that target their interests, demographic, purchase history, geographic area, and more.

Social Media is proven to be one of the most effective marketing outlets small businesses can tap into. Many think it is easy that just because they are active on a network, they have the know-how to market their business. The challenge is that many do not have time to keep up with the most effective methods of using social media.

Each of our clients are different, whether they need a little guidance along the way through our social media consulting services or more hands-on help with our social media management services. Either way the plan is built around the goals and needs of your company.

It is a fact that some social networks are better for specific business types. Hiring social media experts like Lighthouse Web Design & Marketing will take the guess work out of social media and give a cohesive approach to your website, search, and social media marketing efforts.

Social Media Services

Social Setup

We setup your social media profiles giving your business a professional look that is optimied for social media.

Campaign Setup

We setup your campaigns based on your goals. Setup includes establishing an audience targeting social people both demographically and geographically.<.p>

Watch Competitors

We review and continue to monitor how your competitors are doing on social media.

Ad and Post Creation

We create professional, appealing ads with intriguing headlines geared around your goals.

A/B testing

We test posts against eachother to get the right message at the right time to your audience.

Monitor Results

We setup benchmarks based on your company's goals to monitor our results. We use this data to tweak results as well as give you access so you can see how well we are doing.

76% of Facebook users visited the site daily during 2016, with over 1.6 billion daily visitors, compared to 70% of daily usage in 2015.

Social Media Plans built for you!

Our social media management services can be customized to your company's unique goals. We highly recommend a plan that includes a regular posting plan, building your network, as well as monitoring social networks for mentions and opportunities. The following plans give you and idea of what to expect from a social media management plan.

Networks we Support

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google +
  • Pinterest

We add additional networks as they gain popularity and provide a good ROI for businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do all of our social media posts?
We can. You are encouraged to take part day to day social media activity. Posting pics of staff, jobs, events, etc. are all items that help your business stand out on social.
What about Reviews?
Reputation is a huge part of social media, it is where the conversations happen. We assist with monitoring and handling mentions of your business on social media, both good and bad.
Is there a contract required?
Yes. We do require a contract for our social media services. Typically, the longer the contract the less the monthly investment. We offer 3-month, 6-month, and 12 month plans.

Do you need help managing your social media efforts? We would be happy to share with you our experiences and help you understand the potential opportunities involved in achieving your goals.

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